What is a culture of peace?

“An Understanding of our interdependence - that a bright future depends on a bright future for us all. A shared human identity and common destiny. Opposite of violence and prejudice.”

“Makes us conscious of the rights and well-being of each other and to live to support that well-being in all actions and decisions at all levels.”

“It's a society where we value each other. It takes a village so what does that look like? Work in harmony with each other.”

“Redefines our societal definitions of success that is based on our interdependence that we all prosper in a culture that respects and values the contribution of all parts of the community.”

ACPC is an independent, community and citizen-based Commission with non-profit status. The intention is to inspire new thinking and see through new lenses to further develop the Culture of Peace for the present, and future generations.

One of the first steps in our process has been to begin to identify those groups and individuals that are doing important, peace-promoting work in one or more of the broad cultural categories of:


Food and Habitat, Legal and Social, Education, Spirituality and Religion, Arts and Culture, Science and Health, Business and Environment.


These groups and individuals form the basic foundation of a Culture of Peace in the Rogue Valley.


If you would like to add you or your organization's name to our soon-to-be-published online directory for the Community Peacebuilders Network, please click the button below.



“…my experience and research have convinced me that the world is on the verge of the greatest change in human history: the transition from the culture of war that we have had for tens of thousands of years to a new culture, a culture of peace.”     


- David Adams, Director, UNESCO


The Ashland Culture of Peace Commission provides the City Council, city operations, and community a lens and compass that guides and informs the mindset, practices, and higher order values that are essential to live in and create a sustainable Culture of Peace and well-being.

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