Winter Shelter Volunteer
Recruitment and Training Program

ACPC Support for the Unhoused in the Ashland Community

When the cold weather arrives the Ashland winter shelters are open for those without homes. But, they can only open with enough volunteers to provide the necessary assistance to keep the shelters open. For two years ACPC has organized and conducted the Winter Shelter Volunteer Recruitment and Training Program. This program is for finding new volunteers, providing volunteer training programs, and working with the Chamber of Commerce and community at large to assist understanding and support the volunteers and unhoused.

During the 2018 – 2019 winter season ACPC accomplished the following:

Goal 1 – Recruitment
Increased volunteer attendance in orientation sessions by 223% over last year

Goal 2 – Training opportunities provided for volunteers
Shelter Host training programs
Health care and health issue identification programs
De-escalation Training

Goal 3 – Business Liaison
Organize a Ashland Chamber of Commerce visit to the winter shelter, 70 people attended – increase awareness, interest and support, additional volunteers stepped forward


The Ashland Culture of Peace Commission (ACPC) has been supporting and working with those who are homeless and greatest at risk in our community since its launch on September 21, 2015. One of the initial calls to action was to go into the Ashland streets to be a positive influence for local residents business owners and people who were homeless or “travelers.”


A calmer and safer downtown street environment.

ACPC Peace Ambassadors were created for this purpose and reached out to fellow Ashlanders to engage in dialogue whether they were long-term residents, local unhoused individuals, Oregon Shakespeare Festival visitors or those just passing through. The Ambassadors listened to empower each person’s voice, so that all community members can be heard. Peace Ambassadors held listening circles and talking opportunities in public places inviting one-on-one and group discussions. This gave those who are homeless and young and old people a chance to be heard.

Seven months later people in the “street family” and Chief of Police Tighe O’Meara felt ACPC
contributed to a positive change in the mood and behavior for all. This opened the way for
these ACPC community actions:


  • Wellness for Everyone talking circles at the Railroad Park peace meals

  • Peace Meal Volunteers

  • Shelter Listening Program

  • Compassionate Listening and Speaking, and Implicit Bias trainings

  • Winter Shelter Volunteer Recruitment and Training Program

  • ONE Site Committee, developing a single shelter site

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