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Marilyn King

Marilyn King is a two-time Olympian (1972/1976) in the grueling five event Pentathlon. (100 meter hurdles, shop put, high jump, long jump, 800 meters) Her 20-year athletic career includes five national titles and a World Record. An automobile accident rendered her unable to train physically for her third Olympic Team. She placed second at the Olympic trials for the 1980 Moscow Games using only mental training techniques.

This extraordinary experience and resulting research led to a 35-year career as an expert in the field of exceptional human performance. Her work focuses on systemic change in the areas of business, education and peace.

Business Consultant- Marilyn’s participation in an international, five- year business think tank led to a career conducting programs for senior executives with global responsibilities at Fortune 500 companies. Her corporate clients include: AT&T, Ford Motor Company, Hewlett Packard, Haas School of Business, IBM, Ikea, Microsoft, Nokia, Oracle, Starbucks, Wells Fargo and YPO.

Education Pioneer- Marilyn has also presented at over 200 national and international education conferences with academicians and researchers who are designing the schools of the future. She is the co-creator of Dare to Imagine, an inner city Oakland program. Her teacher training clients include YMCAs, park and rec leadership programs, Boys and Girls Clubs and Investing in Oakland a joint project with Mills College and the Mayor of Oakland.

Peace Activist- Marilyn’s most pioneering work, a joint Russian-American venture called “The Peace Team” resulted in two opportunities to speak at the United Nations and an invitation to create a U.N. sub-committee on the role of sport in peacebuilding.


Marilyn King attended Cal State Hayward and also competed for the Millbrae Lions. She was AAU pentathlon champion in 1971, AAU indoor champion in the long jump in 1971, and won the 1971 AIAW title in the 200 low hurdles. King also competed at the 1971 Pan American Games, placing fourth in the pentathlon. She is the founder of Beyond Sports, an organization which seeks to extend the application of imagery and related skills to a broader arena of individual and social concerns, including world peace, and she has created a curriculum for schools based on Olympian principles.

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