builds community by celebrating local people and efforts with programs and events, and by organizing community forums on issues

affecting the community. It supports Cambridge’s sister-city relationships, in organizations, work with such city government and its organizations toward a peaceful world, through public dissemination of relevant information and through educational outreach to the schools and citizens of New Haven. The Commission promotes peace and social justice within Cambridge and in the wider world. It works to reduce violence and advocates ideas and programs that affirm diversity and build community within our city. It links peace groups, social justice efforts, anti-violence

coalitions and the municipal government, and pays special attention

to violence affecting youth.


The Commission's presence in Cambridge city government is a concrete expression of the City's innovative, creative and inclusive approach – valuing an engaged, informed and concerned community. The Commission works with schools and communities to ensure that difference is understood and celebrated, so that sources of violence are recognized and addressed, allowing all residents to contribute to making

Cambridge an equitable and peaceful community. The Commission also pays special attention to violence and inequality affecting young people through creative programs such as its Summer of Peace Initiative.


The Commission builds community by celebrating local people and efforts with programs and events, and by organizing community forums on issues affecting the community. It supports Cambridge’s sister-city relationships, including those with Yerevan, Armenia and San José Las Flores, El Salvador. As established by Chapter 2.90 of Cambridge Municipal Code, the Cambridge Peace Commission consists of up to twenty members, appointed for a term of three years. Commissioners

must be residents of the City at the time of appointment. The

Commission shall be representative of the socio-economic, racial,

and ethnic populations of the City. Members of the Commission

are appointed by the City Manager from recommendations

provided by the Commission.


The Commission received New York Times coverage of its formation and additional press reports.

Current Peace Commissions


“Advises the Council and the

School Board on issues of peace and social

justice. Creates citizen awareness and

develops educational programs. Total

membership is fifteen. Each Council

member and School Director makes one


is charged with the mission of promoting a culture of peace in New Haven and around the world. Its ordinance says that “it shall be the function of the Commission to, in conjunction with the city government and its departments,

educational institutions, public and private

agencies, and other interested organizations, work with such city government and its organizations toward a peaceful world, through

public dissemination of relevant information and through educational outreach to the schools and citizens of New Haven.”

The Ashland Culture of Peace Commission is proud to join these other fine cities in the growing movement of creating cultures of peace within our cities.

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