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Oregon State Senate, March 26, 2019 Invocation by Irene Kai

Ashland Culture of Peace Commission

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Irene Kai provided the Oregon State Senate with an invocation at the beginning of their session on Tuesday, March 26, 2019, in Salem OR. She stands on the Senate rostrum with Senate President Peter Courtney. She wrote and read the following:

Seven sacred flames from five continents were flown live to Wales, united and became the World Peace Flame. A chance encounter in Wales, I brought the World Peace Flame to Ashland and it was installed on the Southern Oregon University campus. I am the flame keeper of the Ashland World Peace Flame. I am the flame. I now ignite the sacred flame in your heart to be inspired to lead, guide, educate and care for all Oregonians with compassion, equity, justice, and respect. I voted for you to represent me, to give me voice. I trust you to lead and guide my community to cultivate a Culture of Peace by adhering to your moral compass, transcending social and economic class, race and religion, to ensure a safe and sustainable world for the next seven generations.

You are the flame, a beacon to guide Oregon to lead our nation to cultivate a Culture of Peace.


Senator Jeff Golden invited us for the purpose of representing the Culture of Peace and the World Peace Flame. Irene prepared a special bag for each of the 30 Senators which were placed on their desks. The bags contained the invocation, a World Peace Flame candle, a card of the World Peace Flame Monument and a Peace Ambassador button.

Many Senators said how inspired they were and thanked Irene for this important message. Senator Golden said, "You are providing the senators a touchstone to always come back to remembering what they are there for."

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