Carol Hwoschinsky

Carol Hwoschinsky is a licensed Marriage, Family, Child counselor, an educator, mediator, author of the book, Listening With the Heart,” and the former Training Director of the Compassionate Listening Project. She has trained and accompanied many delegations to Israel / Palestine since 1997 to facilitate dialogue and build relationships. She has trained and mentored Compassionate Listeners in countries recovering from war. Carol served as part of Jean Houston’s teaching staff of the School for Social Artistry and has facilitated many community dialogues.


Listening to ourselves and others with an open heart is the foundation for building and maintaining relationships of trust where creative solutions can be discovered.

The challenges we face today require skills most of us never learned in our homes or in school. We often find it difficult to navigate the conflicts in our personal lives and in the world. Learning the skills for listening and speaking with compassion brings confidence and creates possibilities we never imagined. Conflict is an evolutionary force and we are part of it. In times of stress, each of us can move evolution forward skillfully. We have been doing it our whole lives.

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