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The World Peace Flame in Ashland is firing the imaginations of Peace Leaders from Middle School students, Ashland City Leaders to Oregon Legislators. Ashland is catching the attention of the global community. Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury, Former Under-Secretary-General and High Representative of the United Nations, and Founder of the Global Movement of the Culture of Peace, is coming to Ashland to learn first-hand how Ashland Culture of Peace Commission partners with the city, local non-profits and others to transform the city with the vision of a Culture of Peace. The Ashland Global Peace Conference will give local residents the opportunity to learn more about why Ashland is deserving of the global community's attention by highlighting how our state and local leaders are inspired to work hard to create a culture of peace for their constituents. The views of creating a culture of Peace from the global, national, state, city, community, interpersonal and personal levels will be explored. 

Come to the conference and be inspired by city and state leaders' personal commitment to cultivating a culture of peace in Oregon and be empowered with your own commitment to peace.

The following values are the foundation of this conference.

All participants, speakers, and sponsors are asked to live by them while we are 

together, and beyond.

Peace is not an idea, it is a practice. Thank you.


A WORLD THAT WORKS FOR ALL                                                                                           

A community-wide movement dedicated to transforming our attitudes, behaviors and institutions into ones that foster harmonious relationships with each other and the natural world. 


  • Brings heart and compassion to conversations, decision-making, and systems.

  • Recognizes the inherent value of each person, the diversity within community. 

  • Invites everyone’s participation, relying on the natural gifts of each community member. 

  • Encourages mutual respect so that all residents and visitors feel safe, heard, and empowered.

  • Establishes trust through holding all persons responsible for their actions.

  • Employs compassionate listening to air feelings, viewpoints, and concerns.

  • Discovers solutions through collaborative exploration.

  • Emphasizes the universal values of kindness, generosity, love and beauty, caring and curiosity.

  • Seeks larger truths and broader perspectives to better comprehend local and world affairs.

  • Values and nurtures all of life, honoring the environment and promoting humanity’s balanced place in the web of existence.

  • Builds upon the foundation of existing groups contributing to the wellness of the world.

  • Creates an emerging, evolving, living model for thriving together as fellow humans.

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