Anna Cassilly

We can learn the skills necessary to resolve our conflicts, and more importantly, prevent many from arising in the first place.  This is what I have learned over the past 25 years teaching communication and conflict resolution skills.  During this time, I have worked as the training coordinator for a community mediation center, as the program coordinator and trainer for a non-profit retreat and learning center, and provided training and consulting services through my business, Growing Peace. 


Whether working with businesses, university staff, government agencies, or with families, empowering people with effective communication and conflict resolution skills has been key to unlocking the individual’s and group’s potentials.  When families, workplaces, and communities learn how to work together, their efforts can be put into creating their dreams, instead of being embroiled in power struggles, resentments, and other relationship dysfunctions.


Besides workshops in communication and conflict resolution skills, I teach courses in mediation and prejudice reduction/diversity appreciation, as well as providing mediation and facilitation services.  With a deep conviction that world peace begins within, I emphasize the perceptual shifts needed to live more peaceful inner lives, laying the foundation for supportive, caring interpersonal and intergroup relations.

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